Sunday, April 06, 2008


Hello upper east side.. Ooops, I know I don't cater to Manhattan elite scandals.. It's just that - - - this is the first blog post since I've seen Gossip Girl... =)

Anyway, back to my travel blog...

There's something new at Eden Nature Park..... SKYRIDER! It was launched last December and has been a hit to adventure-seekers (like me!).

Of course, there are rules, and you need to follow them to be safe...

It's not stated in the rules that you need to be super physically fit to try skyrider. But, I think it would be a friendly note to remind everyone that if you want to try it, you must be at least fit enough to reach the top of the tower! Hahahaha! I was gasping for air up there!

Skyrider was exciting! But, it was rather too short of an excitement... I would say that I still want to try zipping at Camp Sabros (located in Kapatagan, near Digos City).

Anyway, aside from Skyrider, Eden Nature Park is an attraction by itself. This, being my second visit, I wanted to tour around the place so we availed of the Shuttle Bus Tour priced at P55/head.

Let me say thanks to our tour guide, Pottie, and the driver, Crispin (too bad I didn't take their photos for this blog). The tour was around 30-45 minutes covering an area of so much hectares (yeah, I wasn't listening intently..) . But anyway, I've learned that Eden is 95% man-made. If you want to know that whole story, go there and take their shuttle bus tour.. Hehehe!

I've already taken some photos during my first trip. The recent photos below are shots taken from Lola's Garden (At last! I have finally been to Lola's Garden I did not have to walk to get here!).

Above: Adolf thinking of Lola's "thing".. Lol!
Below: Wishing Well.... Hmmm... What d'ya wish for?

Above: Relaxing at the hammok
Below: Lola's Garden overlooking Davao City and Island Garden City of Samal

what d'ya looking for?
The Skyrider Package we got was worth P570.00, and it includes lunch buffet. I was supposed to take photos for my food blog but I was too hungry to think of pictorials and I only realized that I missed taking pictures only after I ate. Bwahahaha!

It was really fun (and tiring too)... It was also sunny in Eden that time... =) There's also a new attraction, set to be launched this May, it's called TINUBDAN, a showcase of the tribes living in Mindanao (or is it Davao tribes only? I'm such a poor listener!)...

And of course..... Thanks to PPC for being so friendly!!! =) Ma'am Karen, Adolf, Joy, Kit, Sharon... and also to Debi (ang kilabot ng UC!).... I had so much fun! (--,)