Monday, February 21, 2011


My Iloilo trip was highlighted by a Day Tour at Guimaras, with Bacuyani Travel Agency. Guimaras is just about a 15-minute boat ride from Iloilo, more like Davao-Samal. It was a cloudy day and we prayed that it wouldn't rain so that we will enjoy our trip. It was a little bit scary riding their boat, let me explain by this snapshot:

Now, can you handle that? I was trembling the first time and I had to remove my sandals just so I won't slip.

We went to the following places:
  1. Buenavista Wharf/McArthur Wharf
  2. Neptune Pittman's Garden Resort
  3. Buenavista Town Hall
  4. Navalas Church
  5. Roca Encantada and the Siete Picados
  6. Guimaras Museum
  7. Mc Nester
  8. Trappist Monastery
  9. Balaan Bukid Shrine
Update: 11/2/2011: I will be making a separate post for my Guimaras trip. I'm really sorry that I had to keep everybody waiting before I could finish this article. I finally found the photos I had with my Guimaras Trip so just hang in there, I'll make a more detailed post about it. =)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cebu Pacific Sale!!!

Quoted hereunder is from Cebu Pacific's newsletter:

HALF 'til you drop! 1.2 million seats available in biggest 50% OFF seat sale

Half 'til you drop because the Philippines’ largest national flag carrier, Cebu Pacific (CEB) offers you a 50% off system-wide seat sale starting now until February 20, 2011 or until seats last. 

CEB is making available over 1.2 million seats in the 50% off seat sale, which is for travel from June 1 to December 31, 2011. This is the largest number of seats we have ever offered in a single seat sale!

The 50% off seat sale is available to any of our 33 domestic destinations. This includes flights to Boracay (Caticlan), Kalibo, Coron (Busuanga), Tagbilaran (Bohol), Puerto Princesa, Cebu, Laoag, Zamboanga, Legazpi, Bacolod, Iloilo and Ozamiz.

Promo seats up for grabs also include CEB’s 16 international destinations, namely Beijing, Brunei, Taipei,Kota KinabaluKuala LumpurShanghai, Taipei, Guangzhou, Osaka, Jakarta, Macau and Bangkok (fromManila and Clark), Incheon and Pusan (from Manila and Cebu), and Singapore and Hong Kong (from Manila, Cebu and Clark).

Book to as many domestic and international destinations at! Take advantage of great deals at and combine your lowest roundtrip airfare with the cheapest hotel accommodation.

Book your seats now!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Road Trip

Planning on a road trip?

I've been driving for three years now. My dad has always said that the key to a car's life is through proper maintenance. My first car was a hand-me-down from my grandfather and yes, it was an old car. It was a Mitsubishi Lancer 1977 model. My classmates termed it as "old school" or vintage. And because it is vintage, I frequent my visit to the auto shop to have it checked or repaired. Unlike other newer cars now, my car did not have a check engine light so I had to be more perceptive with any unusual sound or changes in its usual running.

If I had a Ford F-150, I would bring it on a road trip. It is one of the most versatile vehicles which you can use both for city driving and boondocks exploring. Plus you can bring both passengers and cargo. It would be perfect for a road trip to Mati. If I had that car, I would bring my family back to Dahican to enjoy the beach and go home with coconuts stacked at the back of the truck.

I am planning to go on a road trip but this time, I want to be the one who will drive the car. I was then insecure to go on long distance driving because I am afraid that I might have car problems in the road. But with the advancement of technology, car repair and maintenance is now a breeze. If you're looking for a mechanic, you can just type San Diego auto repair in your iPhone and the results are there. It's easier now than driving around town to look for one.

Remember, driving is a privilege, not a right. You can enjoy driving for as long as you are also taking responsibility for it: responsibility over your car, your passengers, the pedestrian, and the road. Before even starting your car, be sure that it is road-worthy. Check your brakes, light, oil, water, battery, air, and gasoline. And always remember to carry your own tools and early warning device.

Happy road trip everyone!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Manila: EDSA Shangri-La

My best Manila moment was spent in EDSA Shangri-La. Although I had a lot of trouble in going to and looking for the hotel, it was all worth it. The trouble was that I did not want to take a taxi because I wanted to explore the place first-hand. So I boarded a bus en-route to Greenhills and Robinsons Galleria, went in circles in the pedestrian overpass, had to combat the drizzle, ride another bus that took me to Shangri-La Plaza, and still got lost even if I had a very good view of where the hotel is! Lesson learned: If you opt to walk, it's easier to access the hotel via the Shangri-La Plaza or SM Megamall.

Below are the top three things I loved about Shangri-La:

The Bed! I swear I could just lounge or sleep all day! They are supplied with pillows by Northern Feather (as what the pillow tag says). I can say that it was the best sleeping moment in my entire life. I wish I have that kind of bed, or that kind of pillow. The first hotel that I have encountered where I did not want to go out of the room and prefer to just stay in bed all day.

The Service. Upon entering the hotel, you will be graced will the staff's courtesy. From the entrance to the elevator to where ever! Room service is always available even when not asked. We were surprised to always see our things in proper order upon returning to our room. You don't have to ask for new sets of toiletries because they automatically replace it every day. Excellent service!

The Food. Wow, gastronomic feast every morning. Although we had to fall in line before we can get seated, it's worth it. They have a most varied sets of food to choose from. They had pink salmon, my favorite! They have blueberry muffins, also my favorite. If I want to gain weight, I could just eat there everyday and I can guarantee the increase in inches in no time! The food was really great, you can choose from several cuisines including Filipino, American, Japanese, and others. Also, their fresh fruit juices are very delicious, you can also opt to drink milk or chocolate, it feels like heaven!

Those are just the top 3 things to love about Shangri-La. There are other things worthy to share too: their fabulous flower arrangements, ample lobby space, 24/7 free wifi connection, etcetera.

Of course, my Shangri-La stay wouldn't be complete without side trips. We also went to The Fort, Fort Strip, Hierarchy Bar, and some other places their names I already forgot. We also had a good chill time at Metrowalk and of course, strolled at Shangri-La Plaza and SM Megamall.

Night Out

at Shangri-La Plaza

at Metrowalk

Friday, February 11, 2011

My Dengue Bar Operations

It is unfortunate that a week before the first Sunday of the bar exams, I contracted dengue. But I know it would not stop me from taking the bar examinations. I can still remember going to Mary Chiles Hospital even if I was already feeling dizzy. I went there to have a blood test: serial hematocrit and platelet count. Mary Chiles is near schools but I had a hard time looking for it. Luckily, there were students in nursing uniforms who gave me directions in going to the hospital.

After two days and a series of tests, lab results showed that my platelet count is decreasing. I forced my sister to travel from Davao to Manila so that I will have a personal doctor at  my dormitory since I did not want to get admitted to the hospital. We (I, mom, and dad) deliberately forced my sister to be absent from her internship duties even if she had to go directly to the airport wearing her hospital scrub uniform.

My sister is required to wear scrub medical uniforms when she has a duty in the Operating Room. On most days, she only wears her dainty dresses matched with her coat. 

So, Ate Christine's first travel to Manila is to take care of me. I know she did not want to be there considering that she has to make up for her internship duties but she has no choice. It's my second time to contract dengue and I have only less that seven days before my examination so she's my ONLY hope. Good thing she heeded my request. It was funny how I was put on dextrose during the night and hep-locked during the day because I needed to be in my review class. It was hard to move with something glued on my hand, I had to be very careful all the time. I'm so thankful I have a doctor-sister! I know she's thankful of me, too, 'cause she was able to go to Manila and meet some of her friends there. She was able to go to SM Manila, Mall of Asia, and got lost on some streets but still managed to go in time for dinner!
That's my sister in her scrub suit. Internship duties could be exhausting!