Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Eastwood City at night

It was my first time at Eastwood City. I've heard a lot of its beauty and grandeur. Eastwood City is a very small city located along C5 Road in Quezon City, Philippines.

Here are some of the photos during my visit:

the latest marketing strategy: BEER BELOW ZERO
Our very own walk of fame.... Funny how Filipinos always copy other countries. How about some little originality?

Eastwood City at night. The bars are packed with people mostly from Call Centers in and surrounding Eastwood. I guess the main niche of these bars are these call center agents or customer service representatives who'd like to chill after their stressful duty. Answering irate callers would definitely take its toll.
This fountain changes colors.

This little city has tiled roads??? =)

chilling with my beau

Outside a restaurant in Rockwell Business Center, Makati City.