Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Manila (again)

April 11, 2010. Our early morning flight to Manila via Philippine Airlines. This would be my third fourth time to go to Manila but the first time with my beau. Hehehe! I was already thinking of the things that I would do for my six months of stay: review, live my life, learn to ride the LRT/MRT, etc.

April 12, 2010. Time to start my dormitory life at San Lorenzo Ruiz Student Catholic Center. It's also the first day of review class at San Beda. The days and nights were the same for six long months, except for a few days of stolen escapades like going to Tagaytay and staying at Shang-ri La.

with Monsi and Ate Emar at Sanlo
The days that went by. I couldn't say that it was boring. I couldn't also say that it was amazing. My Manila life was like really living my life. I was living uncomfortably. It was very hard at first but I had to adjust to the current situation. There were dull days, there were fun days. 

LRT with my beau
 The neighborbood. I've acquainted myself in the SanLo neighborhood. It's near Malaca├▒ang Palace and I've spent some early morning jogs there until there was news about a hold-up that happened in 5th Street. It scared me. But crime is everywhere and I couldn't go on being scared and I cannot just lock myself up in my room. I have to go on living my adopted life. I solved this by not bringing my cellphone and bringing just the right amount of cash minus my wallet and other very important documents whenever I go jogging or when I go to St. Jude. By the way, when you're staying in SanLo, aside from the chapel inside SanLo, there are also three other churches in the neighborhood: St. Jude (national shrine), St. Anthony Church, and Our Lady of Loreto Parish. Also, LRT2 Legarda Station is just five minutes away by foot. The infamous Recto Street was also just a stone's throw away from the Legarda Station. And yes, I've seen makers of counterfeit certificates, transcript of records, official receipts, and even land titles. When I'm reading the paper every morning, there would almost always be news about petty crimes that happened in Recto. Tsk! Good thing that it feels like being pampered in SanLo and we do not have to go out of the dormitory to eat because food is provided everyday, except Sundays and Holidays.
at Batasang Pambansa

learning to love Goto @ SM Foodcourt Lugawan ni Juan

yummy cupcakes from a store in Serendra

with ate Elisa and Col @ Joey Pepperoni

with my sister @ Burger King (can you see my hep lock?)

riding the kalesa

IMAX with mom

goofing around The Burgundy and Starbucks with the bratpack
4th sunday blast (literally)

chillin' out with Janice after the Bar

LRT2, my favorite line

mom and dad riding the LRT

reunited at the 4th sunday

poker friends

I would still be posting my Tagaytay experience and my little Shang-ri La escapade soon.

I have ante-dated this blog to reflect the day I went home from Manila to Davao.