Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cebu Jam

My first time in Cebu! My stay was a short one - less than 24 hours. Our main goal was to go to Bohol and since there are no direct flights from Davao to Bohol, we decided to stay in Cebu overnight.

Cebu is the oldest city in the Philippines. I was not able to roam that much but I noticed how their streets could get so tight with cars and public transportation. Traffic is heavy specially on Friday night (and because we're that lucky, we went there on a Friday night). To make things more complicated, it wasn't just an ordinary Friday night, it was also a payday so it is expected that a lot of Cebuanos would be going out for shopping and leisure. I also noticed that Cebu's streets are narrow, and I blame it for lack of urban planning. But I don't think urban planning is a thing of the past. Cebu, after all, is a very old city.

My Cebu experience is good. There are rumors about Cebu being a haven of snatchers and some of our friends warned us beforehand to be extra careful and vigilant. Fortunately for us, we did not experience anything terrible or troublesome. One thing that's difficult to decipher, though, is their jeepney route. I had a hard time looking for the correct jeepney to ride on because their routes are coded alphanumerically: like, 17C, 12A, etc. I think it's hard to memorize those codes! Lol!

The photo above was taken at around 7am in Mango St., Cebu. The street is almost empty - completely opposite from the traffic jam the night before. By the way, I think there is a nice souvenir store in Mango St. but I was not able to get its name.

Should I go back? I think I would. I loved the IT Park, the Death by Chocolate, Ilaputi. I know there are more places worth visiting in Cebu. Maybe next time I can also visit Magellan's Cross and other tourist attractions Cebu has to offer.

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