Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Bohol Part 2: Panglao!

I admit that Panglao, for me, is one of the most beautiful places I've been to. Last 2005, when I passed the CPA Board Examination, I was gifted with a trip to Bohol and I fell in love with Panglao Island. I said that I would really go back to Panglao.

From the Port of Tagbilaran, we hired a tricycle that would take us to the jeepney terminal going to Panglao. The fare was only P30.00 for us both. The jeepney fare is P20.00 from Tagbilaran to Dumaluan Beach Resort. Bohol's jeepneys have something unique. I experienced "jeepney extensions" when I was still very young but it has already been banned here in Davao City a long time ago. Can you imagine Bohol's jeepney extension that I'm talking about? Here it is:

Sitting on a stool
Some parts of the road going to Panglao are already concrete and some roads are already under construction. Just be sure that you're ready with your handkerchief if you'll be riding the jeepney (or any open vehicle) because the way could get very dusty. We alighted around 50 meters away from the resort entrance. We could have just walked but there were a few motorcycle drivers offering their services so we boarded one at a fee of P10 per person. The motorcycle driver gave us his cellphone number and also told us that if we wanted to go to Alona Beach, we could just text him. He quoted us a fare of P50 per person, one way. Wait for my Alona Beach post on Part 3. =)

When we were at the Dumaluan Beach Resort, we were greeted by their very accommodating receptionist and even allowed us to check in early. Check the photos of the resort below.

Standard Room P1,300 (approx. $30) per night
Good for 2 persons
The room was large, with a cabinet, dresser, and mirror. I was also glad that it had more than one socket so that we could charge our cellphones and camera simultaneously. The room was also equipped with an airconditioner, toilet and bath sans the hot shower (all the other rooms, except the standard room, have solar-powered water heaters).

Below are the photos we took at the resort:

Waiting for our lunch.
See photos here.

Unfortunately, our underwater camera broke down after the last pic above. We took shots for our day 2 using our phone camera. More stories and photos on the next part of the Bohol Series.

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