Saturday, January 26, 2008

My monthly journey: Koronadal City

Monthly visits to Korodanal city, or more popularly called Marbel, is one of the reasons why I stayed on this stressful job of being an auditor. Traveling by bus is not very convenient but I get by and wouldn't mind at all as long as I get to Marbel safe and sound. I usually ride the airconditioned Yellow Bus Line with rates of P165 for Davao to General Santos City and another bus (Yellow Bus, of course) from General Santos City to Marbel at P60.

Marbel is just a small city. But this little city also boasts some great destinations.

First of all, the most beautiful library in the whole Philippines is found in the Notre Dame of Marbel University. Oh well, for me, it is the most beautiful, even way better than the library of Ateneo de Davao University where I graduated. And, people have been really accommodating. Thanks to my friend Joemar Madrona, who was the President of the School of Business that time, I was able to go inside the library premises even beyond the usual operating hours.
That's the library. If you're not the type of person who's into reading or visiting libraries, you can also hop into Lantaw Marbel. It's like the Marbel version of Davao's Jack Ridge. It's really nice there. Personally, I spent until 1am singing in their videoke huts before I retired to their reasonably-priced cottages. The food was great, too. It was a really worthwhile visit.

Aside from Lantaw Marbel, other recreational spots include the EMR Center, Del Rio Splash Resort (my favorite!), and Agua Frio Resort, and they also have KCC Mall and Fitmart Mall. Also, don't forget to buy your pasalubongs from Pro-Tech, they have a collection of native products such as T'nalak.
You can enjoy coffee at McGregor. It's a WIFI hotspot! =)
Below is a typical image of what Marbel roads look like. It's not congested, and the means of transportation is tricycle, which I found very queer as what you can see in the photo below... It's not the same typical tricycle that you see in the Philippines, really!
See you all in Marbel!


allan said...

Wow, very nice photos and story. Im glad you liked Koronadal. Were you there last Tinalak festival?

swexie said...

Yes, I was there last Tinalak festival.. Unfortunately, i did not get to enjoy that much because i locked myself up at the staffhouse to study for my exams.. =(

LeigH said...

your post made me so jealous and miss marbel so much! waaahhhhhh...see, i haven't been home in 3 years and reading your blog just brought on all my pent-up longing to be back home.

jann_kris said...

i'm interested in those places you've mentioned. could you help me get there?

Anonymous said...

wow'' i miss marbel'' last 10 year i did not come the street dance'' and festeval and miss it' theree'' frend's...... i hope next festeval we be thereeee''''''''

Anonymous said...
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