Monday, January 05, 2009

Dahican 2008

If somebody would ask me about my most unforgettable childhood memory, I would definitely say “Dahican.”

Dahican is a virgin stretch of beach along Mati, Davao Oriental. When I was young, our summer days are never complete without a visit to this magnificent beach. It was until I was in highschool that we stopped going to Dahican. I missed Dahican's tiny pebbles and huge waves that used to thrive my summer days.

December 30, 2008, a day after my 24th birthday, we went to Mati to pay a visit to our grannies and relatives. We didn't expect that we'd be going to Dahican on that very same day. I'd describe it as an anticipated surprise, anticipated because we really look forward to going to Dahican whenever we visit Mati, but it still remained as a surprise because for all we know, dad did not schedule a beach outing, we didn't even bring swimming gears that time!

Dad, Mom, ate Christine, Dani, April, Jun2, Grace, and I, we were all very happy to see that magnificent beach. We were all smiling as we trekked the narrow road in goi

ng to the beach. The beach did not change that much, it was still the same as what I've imagined through the years. No formal cottages, gigantic waves, that piece of paradise that gave me my biggest smiles when I was young.

It was not Boracay, not even Samal, it's not highly advertised, but it gave me the simplest but most satisfying joy that I could ever have. My family, complete and happy, in this li'l piece of paradise. I love Dahican! (--,)

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