Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Vicarious Experience: Sandbar Island, Iloilo

Who'd have thought that Iloilo has a great beach? Well, I haven't been to Iloilo and I didn't think they had great beaches there. Yes, I am just biased because I live near Island Garden City of Samal which boasts its beachline.
Thanks to Friendster, it is the greatest advertisement of all. I found these pictures from my sister's account, these were taken during her recent trip in Sandbar Island located in Conception, Iloilo City.
Iloilo also has its little piece of paradise. Great view, isn't it?


Conil de la Frontera said...

Nightlife in Conil:
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Most of the bars and discos are located in the old town of Conil de la Frontera. Every night here is mixed with people of Conil tourists. Age does not matter.

Along the promenade are also good places for a drink after sunset or nighttime dancing.

According to the Spanish schedule would not normally be returned to the beach before 8 and then fill up the restaurants until 11 pm.

As of 11 pm worth it to turn around the bars of the old town of Conil. Before 1 the discos do not open the doors and before the 2 not worth going to one. When the bars close (usually about 4 am) start to fill the discos with people who likes to dance.

About 8 am the last nightclubs have closed, and to be prepared and rested for the next night should take into account the option of going to bed now.
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desmond-t said...

i like the last pic...the long stretch of isolated sand nice!

chYmera said...

Nice pictures! A couple of years back, I too, have never thought that Iloilo has white sand beach even though I've lived in Iloilo most of my life. I later found out that the North Eastern part of Iloilo is blessed with many white sand beaches, off shore islands, and rich marine life (much like Samal, I guess, but without the high class resorts). I've only been able to visit Sandbar Island in Concepcion but I hope I can also visit the ones in Carles and Ajuy, Iloilo.

Cebu Webdesign & SEO said...

Great pictures...oh how i love the Philippines! Its like no place on earth! we are so lucky to be here!