Sunday, March 06, 2011

Safety First

On our way to my sister's community outreach program in Mahayag, Bunawan last weekend, we stopped by the Shell Gasoline Station along Diversion Road. After we had our fill, we were informed by the pump attendant that our car smells like something's burning. We opened the hood and there was thick white smoke coming from it. I was about to panic but nobody is panicking so I just stood by and we parked the car away from the gasoline pumps. The pump attendant got his fire extinguisher and aimed it at the engine compartment.

Twas the first time that I've actually seen the fire extinguisher being used! And I was amazed when it emitted pinkish smoke, it looks a lot like cotton candy clouds!!! I remember my Rainbow Brite childhood. Too bad I was too nervous at that time that I did not get a photo of it.

Kidding aside, we learned afterwards that the reason for the smoke was because the insulation foam stuck to the hot engine and caught fire. The engine and all of its other parts were, fortunately, not damaged, just the insulation foam.
The gasoline attendant cleaning the engine compartment after putting out the fire.

Lesson learned? Don't just check the engine: check EVERYTHING.

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