Friday, February 11, 2011

My Dengue Bar Operations

It is unfortunate that a week before the first Sunday of the bar exams, I contracted dengue. But I know it would not stop me from taking the bar examinations. I can still remember going to Mary Chiles Hospital even if I was already feeling dizzy. I went there to have a blood test: serial hematocrit and platelet count. Mary Chiles is near schools but I had a hard time looking for it. Luckily, there were students in nursing uniforms who gave me directions in going to the hospital.

After two days and a series of tests, lab results showed that my platelet count is decreasing. I forced my sister to travel from Davao to Manila so that I will have a personal doctor at  my dormitory since I did not want to get admitted to the hospital. We (I, mom, and dad) deliberately forced my sister to be absent from her internship duties even if she had to go directly to the airport wearing her hospital scrub uniform.

My sister is required to wear scrub medical uniforms when she has a duty in the Operating Room. On most days, she only wears her dainty dresses matched with her coat. 

So, Ate Christine's first travel to Manila is to take care of me. I know she did not want to be there considering that she has to make up for her internship duties but she has no choice. It's my second time to contract dengue and I have only less that seven days before my examination so she's my ONLY hope. Good thing she heeded my request. It was funny how I was put on dextrose during the night and hep-locked during the day because I needed to be in my review class. It was hard to move with something glued on my hand, I had to be very careful all the time. I'm so thankful I have a doctor-sister! I know she's thankful of me, too, 'cause she was able to go to Manila and meet some of her friends there. She was able to go to SM Manila, Mall of Asia, and got lost on some streets but still managed to go in time for dinner!
That's my sister in her scrub suit. Internship duties could be exhausting!

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