Monday, February 21, 2011


My Iloilo trip was highlighted by a Day Tour at Guimaras, with Bacuyani Travel Agency. Guimaras is just about a 15-minute boat ride from Iloilo, more like Davao-Samal. It was a cloudy day and we prayed that it wouldn't rain so that we will enjoy our trip. It was a little bit scary riding their boat, let me explain by this snapshot:

Now, can you handle that? I was trembling the first time and I had to remove my sandals just so I won't slip.

We went to the following places:
  1. Buenavista Wharf/McArthur Wharf
  2. Neptune Pittman's Garden Resort
  3. Buenavista Town Hall
  4. Navalas Church
  5. Roca Encantada and the Siete Picados
  6. Guimaras Museum
  7. Mc Nester
  8. Trappist Monastery
  9. Balaan Bukid Shrine
Update: 11/2/2011: I will be making a separate post for my Guimaras trip. I'm really sorry that I had to keep everybody waiting before I could finish this article. I finally found the photos I had with my Guimaras Trip so just hang in there, I'll make a more detailed post about it. =)

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