Friday, July 29, 2011

Calgary, Alberta

No, I haven't been to Calgary, Alberta but I've had quite a tour of Calgary Apartments before. How did it become possible? Simple: the internet. Yes, there is that part where a friend "shows and tells" the parts of his house while you're chatting courtesy of yahoo messenger. I can safely say I've been to Calgary, and other places outside my country, through vicarious experiences. I've recently had a tour at Hong Kong airport and a tour of Novotel in Africa. I have not been travelling lately but I will resume my travel tales soon. I have some local travels lined up on September to November.

I remember a friend living in his two-bedroom apartment in downtown Calgary. He used to complain of its upkeep because he lives alone and he had a big apartment to maintain. (In Canada, or maybe in some other parts of the globe, and specially in the United States, once you've already reached the legal age, you're out on your own. It's very different from where I came from.) Now that my friend is getting married, I think his two-bedroom pad is perfect in starting a family!

Jardine, if by any remote chance, you'd read about this, congratulations on your engagement!

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