Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Ilog Maria at Silang, Cavite


I've read about Ilog Maria Farm a few years ago and it was just recently when I was able to browse their website. My curiosity grew when I found Ilog Maria products on the shelf of our local HB1 store in NCCC Mall. I did not buy any of the Ilog Maria Product and restrained myself because I want to be able to visit their farm first.

Ilog Maria Farm is located in Silang, Cavite. I was in Manila the past weekend and going to Silang, Cavite was on my itinerary. To get there, we boarded a bus going to Tagaytay and paid around P70.00. We asked the bus conductor to drop us at Ilog Maria.

When we alighted from the bus, we discovered that there were only very few tricycles in the vicinity. We should have alighted near their downtown area or terminal. I was with four other companions so we just decided to walk 700meters going to Ilog Maria Farm. The weather that day was cloudy so it was just okay to hike.

The road going to Ilog Maria Farm 
The road had some narrow parts and there were private vehicles coming in and going out. When we finally arrived at Ilog Maria, the place had many visitors. Cars were parked outside. Some of our photos are posted below:

Geese freely roaming around their farm

Curious about resin, propolis, and all other new bee-terms

Just playing around with my sister

You may visit their Bee Museum if you have pre-booked at least 30 guests.

That's actually the comfort room at the background.
They have the best "outdoor" comfort room that I've ever seen!

Some stuffs to buy. Honey Shampoo, Virgin Honey, etc.

Here reading and discussing about what bee propolis and bee pollen are

Now it's time to walk again.... =)
I was a High Dessert baby. If you don't know what that is, I'm sorry I can't tell you more. My dad used to sell High Dessert products when I was still very small. High Dessert products are also based on honey so basically, I'm not new being "honeyfied".

If I am given another chance to visit Cavite, I would definitely go back to Ilog Maria and purchase a lot of stuffs there. =)

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