Thursday, September 15, 2011

Travel Plans

After finishing my already scheduled Cebu trip this end of the month, there are a few other places that I want to go to before the year ends. And, with the current commitment to tour Mindanao first, there are three places that I want to visit, as follows:

  1. Mati, Davao Oriental. I've been to Mati countless times before but I want to visit at least one more time before 2012. It's good to visit my grandparents and other relatives there. Also, this coming November, waves in Dahican would be surf-worthy so I might check that out.
  2. Surigao (and maybe Siargao). I have had an interest in surfing before but it has waned already. But I did not totally lost the interest. I still want to go to Siargao and take surfing shots. Surigao's Tinuy-an Falls and the Enchanted River are creating much buzz these days. I want to go there too!
  3. Glan. I've been as far as Batulaki but did not have enough photos to prove that. There was no such thing as digital camera that time and underwater cameras were expensive and scarce. Now, Glan has a lot of resorts already and I've heard the roads have been improved and cemented. I want to go to the place they call as "Little Boracay." There is also a place called "Gumasa" and I've seen a lot of beautiful beach photos which are so inviting!
Good luck to these travel plans!

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