Thursday, September 01, 2011

Our very own Abreeza

My sister looks so happy! =D

Roads lined with bamboo trees

That portion with the white roofing is the food court

Strolling inside the mall

The Kadayawan vibe is in the air!

It was Gracie's first time to visit Abreeza Mall of Davao and she was super excited! Her main goal for this day is to buy alkansya (piggy bank) and not just another piggy bank but one with a lock and keys.

At first, she was excited to roam around the new mall and even played in the railings located at the open-air food court. When we were already looking for the alkanysa in Saizen (located inside Robinson's Department Store), she got mad because they didn't have the alkansya that met her meticulous requirements. I saw a can-shaped coin bank there and I really liked it but Gracie was already frowning and complaining and demanded we go to another mall to look for her alkansya. So, off we go.

I'm sure Gracie enjoyed her Abreeza experience, even giddily saying, "Kagwapo diri oi!" (It's very beautiful here!). If not for the alkansya, we would have stayed in Abreeza longer. Haha!

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